Diplomas by John Todd


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Moire Liner Etchings

Moire Liner Etchings

Jostens offers a variety of inside cover Moiré materials in different sizes and formats, that celebrate your school’s one-of-a-kind character and spirit. You can customize the inside cover with an attractive Full Colour photo, an etching or a sketch of your school building, emblem or mascot on Standard or High-Definition Moiré.

Digital Photo

The impact and excitement of a Full Colour digital photo on the inside cover lining makes a vivid, lasting impression.

  1. Add a picture-perfect image of your school to the cover presentation

  2. Our archival-quality process delivers a lasting image

  3. Only available on High-Definition Moiré

High-Definition Moiré

This unparalleled lining material offers a number of advantages over standard moiré

  1. Superior print clarity that resists bleeding over time

  2. Better color saturation

  3. Water-based coatings and pigments that won’t harm the environment

Lining Materials

Jostens exclusive turned-edge lining delivers a visible difference in quality for a sleek, well-made look.