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Who We Are

Who We Are

Diplomas are pages in the history of your school. They mark the culmination of significant achievement for your graduating students and the whole school.

As the industry leader in Diploma covers and certificates, Jostens offers both traditional and classic designs, as well as cutting-edge contemporary styles.

Our Diploma covers provide each certificate with the protection and presentation that befit such an important milestone. Jostens offers a variety of cover materials and colours in different sizes and formats that celebrate your school’s one-of-a-kind character and spirit.

Designing your custom Diploma certificates with an attractive photo or etching, your school’s emblem or building sketch on high definition moiré liners, they deserve your thoughtful and careful consideration – just ask John Todd – he will assist you.  Attention to detail is our specialty, which makes our exquisite, memorable Diploma covers and certificates all the more worthy of proud display.

I take pleasure in assisting school Administrators and Graduation Coordinators in designing a Diploma package that not only meets their budget perimeters… it also showcases their school pride and spirit, as they annually recognize their graduating students achievement of a lifetime.

If you are currently not one of my valued clients, I welcome the opportunity to launch a Diploma printing partnership with your school.

Call 780.446.5832 or email me: to arrange for an online tour and get a peek under the hood of my Diploma products.

For the past 4½ decades, I have had the pleasure of building long-term printing partnerships with educational institutions across Canada, ranging from the elementary level up to and including post secondary institutions.

I manage Jostens diploma cover and certificate client base for central/northern British Columbia, central/northern Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.